• Turn cheap yarn into a velvet soft crochet treasure

    As many of you already know: I am super frugal, yet live in the luxury of having everything I need.

    I usually buy cheap yarn, sometimes even garments already made and recycle it to my liking. The cheap yarns have the disadvantage to be coarse, scratchy and stiff. Acrylic yarn is really durable but unless it is pricey, it also is not wonderful to wear or cuddle with. Who wants to have ANYTHING that is scratchy and stiff?


    Woolite is a great detergent, that is very gentle on the fabric, but it surely doesn’t do anything to make it soft and cuddly. Frequent washing is also not the solution, though everything WILL get softer in time.

    I found the perfect solution: Hair conditioner!

    I first make the item a little smaller then the measurements call for, then wash it in tepid water with a lot of conditioner. Let it soak over night in the milky water.

    In the morning I rinse it thoroughly with tepid water and gently squeeze it dry. I tumble it on low heat in the dryer until most of the water is out and the piece is slightly damp.

    Next I block it into shape and let it dry like that completly.

    The piece comes out cuddly soft, slightly larger than before, but perfectly even.

    I like to also recommend: If you ever made something that fits too”snug”, use the same method. let the fibers relax in the conditioner, mold / block it to the new size as it air dries.

    Now I have to come up with a trick, if you made something too large! Whatever you do, don’t use conditioner! hahaha


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