• Underwater crochet artist Agata Oleksiak (Olek)

    I came across this article by the Huffington Post about Olek :


    Komo news







    Photos from Huffington Post


    She is just incredible to make such awesome art!

    The article sure goes along with my collection of : You can crochet with anything:


    and the soon to be finished written one:

    You can crochet ANYTHING.

    Please read the article. You will find  it is very ironic how mean people, who want to sue  her, because she supposedly endangers underwater species. In turn these “weird” sue happy  people will help her to become more and more popular and known for the unique and creative way she spends her  talent to enrich other people’s lives.

    Moral of the story: LOVE everybody! Even the people who want to harm you, since they might be very helpful or become loyal friends. Happens to me ALL the time.

    I surly think Agata enjoys her life and combines  her hobbies of diving and crocheting and as Huffington Post article shows. She has just the right spirit in overcoming criticism as she states:

    “”If they want to sue me, I don’t know. I can pay them back with crocheting more underwater sculptures.”

    Good for her!!!!!

    I had some agency wanting to charge me for using a picture. Actually it was only a partial picture and they wanted me to pay $700 + DOLLARS for it, or else they would sue me. I guess they had to charge that much for the little picture except, so it will not be thrown out as frivolous in small claims court.

    My response was: They have 2 choices:

    1. I can come at their expense to New York City and clean their office for 1 week or

    2. they can have my 2002 Ford Focus  and auction it off to pay for their picture.

    They did not take either choice so far.

    For a long time I was trying to help devoted Muslims to come to know the real God of the universe. You can’t imagine how many death threats I got for telling them their Allah is actually Satan, the god of this world as their very own Quran states! One anonymous friend even went so far to take my smiling facebook picture and photoshopped it to sit on a silver platter with blood all around and my cut off tongue hanging half way out of my mouth. Sad to say I lost the picture in some computer upgrade, since I am unbelievable  computer illiterate.

    So don’t get paranoid, when people want to you harm. If you are living according to God’s will there is NOTHING  evil anybody can do to you! Period!

    So enjoy yourself!




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