My crochet patterns are special

Let me tell you about my business!
Yes, you can stick your nose in my business.

I am only not ONLY selling  crochet patterns:


When you buy my patterns you buy your ability to make something unique that was not there the day before to be treasured by others.

Best of all:

once  you complete the pattern, send me sharp pictures and  you pick another one of my patterns free of charge

They come as  digital  “scrapbooked” format as instant download, so you can start working right away, if you buy from my Etsy shop.

il_570xN.469421053_514s By “scrapbooked” I mean the patterns are colorful and embellished, just as  if you would make a scrapbooked album  for a family event.

All are  very descriptive, easy to read and include many pictures, gifs (moving repetitions of the stitch) and video links to help even novices to succeed with the projects. The page volume varies between 7 and 20 pages.

Why my patterns are not free:

Another cool feature of my digital patterns is:

If you leave the pattern on a tablet or computer, you can throughout the pattern access links to get more help to a crochet tutorial.

That means: If you are not familiar with the stitches, all you have to do is click and get connected to the visual tutorial.

 You push the page along to the end of your screen as you complete each row.

The computer or tablet will hold you place and  saves much time since you do not constantly have to “refind” where you left off.

Of course, you can print them out like you always used to.

My scrapbooked crochet patterns also make a nice gift for any crochet fan.


Click here and check out the choices you have:

Some patterns have other helpful links pertaining to the pattern. A few patterns have a bonus pattern, which complements the original pattern you purchased or gives you an idea how else you could use the stitches you just learned.



With each pattern, I try to teach you a new technique and the value what you can learn following this pattern. It is pointed out in the store description.

Some indicated patterns are great bazaar seller to give you cash-flow as you can sell to people who do not know how to crochet.


None of my patterns are refundable, which you probably understand since you pay for the development of the pattern, the time it took to design and to present. Even though by disclosure you are not allowed to distribute the pattern, you are welcome to sell  or distribute your finished items.

All my patterns are watermarked, not for resale. Honest people will purchase one pattern per person to work on it and not distribute them unauthorized. Please feel free to ask me for a discount. I am a generous person.


I also have vintage patterns to choose from, which are too beautiful to be forgotten.


 I hope you enjoy yourself on my website and find helpful information.

Let me know through the contact button above,

if you like to meet with me over the internet for help or tips.