• What about the “Lord’s Prayer”?

    Lord's prayerFirst of all, we need to determine, who is “Lord”. Different people have different “lords” in their life.

    The word “lord” means someone or something having power, authority, or influence: a master, a ruler, a king or sovereign.

    Ask yourself: WHO is that in YOUR life: Is it you yourself? Is it a concept? Is it our creator? Is it a religious idea?


    The Lord Jesus (Messiah) prayed many prayers in the Bible, some short, some long, some in exasperation (mainly about the unbelieving people surrounding Him), some in real desperation and agony, like in Gethsemane and at the cross. Seems to me everywhere Jesus went He prayed and was in constant communication with God the Father. He lived an example before us.
    He meant to show us, how to approach God. Partly because He wanted to show us how to have fellowship with God, how to pray (talk with God) without ceasing, partly because in His humanity, He needed spiritual power here on earth. Maybe also, because He missed His heavenly home and had to hang out in our sinful world.
    The so called: ” Lord’s prayer” most Christians pray repetitiously for whatever reason when they “feel” close to God is the most famous prayer of Jesus. In it, He gave us an example as to HOW to pray. If you start reading in Matthew 6 before the “Lord’s” prayer, you will find, it was not His intent for us to repeat the words  (verse 7) like a poem repetitiously, but give us an example as to how we can pray to become equipped to be God’s hand and feet here in this world.

    Let’s break this example of Jesus’ teaching down from Matthew 6:9 :

    The prayer starts with:
    Our Father: A father is a relative!  It addresses His relationship to us, which is VERY important to even be able to talk to God. God doesn’t talk to people usually. Only to those who are redeemed by His sacrifice on the cross. People that are born again and will do God’s will in the first place. True, God helps ALL people out at ALL times, even when they do not pray, but He  only “communicates” with His redeemed children (John 1:12), who follow Him. Prayer is a “talk”. It is always good to know who we are talking to: God is our Heavenly Father and a real good one at that. He WANTS to hear what we have to say!

    which art in heaven: implies His location and our location of time, place and circumstance. God is very much tuned in and aware of our situation. As we talk to Him, we also tune into the circumstance, situation and location= presence time and place. Also all relational to God: He is above all and we are not.
    Hallowed be thy name: God is so cool, that we should always adore Him, set Him apart, because He is not like any other. In prayer our mind draws close to His reality, as if He were an earthly figure, like a father. Giving Him the praise to be so nice to us, even we do not deserve it. Just think: God is the only one, who never was created and can create anything from nothing. That should give you confidence!!! and in turn be in awe and praise for HIM!

    Thy kingdom come: We want to let Him know, we yield to His kingdom and His sovereign will. We want, what He wants in our situation. We place ourselves into HIS domain, authority and “physical” leadership. We trust that He knows best and understand His mighty involvement in our situation.
    Thy will be done on earth: That surely is already a miracle, since God gave dominion to humans on this earth and here everything that happens is because humans do such a lousy job subduing the earth. Satan, the god of this world, taking care of the rest. So we need by our prayer/petition make God, our creator’s, will be done again.  Put God back in charge of the situation on earth.

    as it is in heaven: Everything that is or will be here on earth, starts in the spiritual realm first! That is the place we hardly ever see. All good things originate in the heart of God. He directs every good thing in the spiritual realm and by His Holy Spirit what will eventually happen here on earth. Now with OUR praying, we ask God to let HIS goodness come back to earth, where we are.
    Give us this day our daily bread: We are very informed with this one because we constantly asking God to give us this that or the other. God understands, we are a needy people and there is nothing wrong with this supplication. The more we ask of God to give and provide the more we get and can share with others. He promises us to always provide our needs (Philippians 4:19). At this point we tell God all we want and what we think about, what bothers us, anything we see that is not right, all our daily needs, problems, issues, expectations.

    And forgive us our debts: Without making a long sermon out of this: Only God can forgive sins. Our sins are ONLY forgiven, if we are born again, apply the blood of Jesus to our life and follow Jesus’ examples. AND if we want our prayers answered, we have to come to God with a pure heart (Psalm 51), align our heart with God’s intent and opinion (Yes, God has an opinion and is even entitled to an opinion. Most people forget that).
    as we forgive our debtors: We have to release others from debt and sin we hold against them. Jesus says at different times in the New Testament about debt. Admonish us to only love all people. We can never get our prayers answered when we have something against another person because God created that person, loves that person and is interested in that person just as much as He wants to answer your prayer. That is very difficult to understand, when we do everything right and the other person does everything so hatefully against us and God. However: Jesus died for us ALL, while we were sinners (Roams 5:8, Galatians 2:17. Romans 5:6 and many other places). And He did the same thing for that other person. We can’t have malice, hatred, strife, gossipp…. against any another person, so we have to forgive everybody, else God will not answer our prayer! Period! Circumstance might happen and God rescues us in spite of ourselves, yes. But to ask God a specific thing and expect it to come to pass is not possible if we hate another person.
    And lead us not into temptation: Since we live in this fallen world, we have to deal with a lot of evil with and many choices to make. Few choices are good and most are evil. Because we are human and have not arrived yet, we encounter many enticements. Even though God is perfect and holy, He at times gives us the consequences of our bad choices. In other words, we can constantly choose to live on the edge of disaster, bad choices and “dabble” in temptations, which some of those seem obvious and others perfectly innocent to our human perspective. As God’s children, He leads us along, but we have perfect free will to choose against God’s leading. At times, like an earthly father would, God has to teach us a bad object lesson to discipline us, to help us relate to others in the world, to scoop us up out of the road to destruction. God allows us to do whatever we like, like a good father would, some things are just not very expedient to our well being. That is why smart people ask God to not lead us into temptations because we (I especially) know how deep we can fall.
    but deliver us from evil: That is very obvious: We do not want to perish and since we can’t save ourselves, we need a savior from evil. Life is a process and we, who live on this earth have to be constantly rescued. Yes, Jesus died once and for all, but we are living in time here and are constantly exposed to evil.

    For thine is the kingdom: We relinquish our autonomy to God’s sovereign perfection and holiness, making HIM LORD. Jesus asks us to die to self, so God can live through us. We acknowledge that God’s ways are better than ours. In other words: I am no longer the king of MY castle (life) but surrender to God’s better, sovereign kingdom.
    and the power: acknowledging only God can do everything in His power, might and strength. No naming, claiming, tantrums, persuasion will bring God’s perfect will about, which is our absolute best.
    and the glory: We wishing nothing but for God to be glorified with our whole heart and existence, because He knows what is best all the way around, presence and future. He created us for His pleasure, His joy and His glory.
    for ever: whatever we have talked to God about in prayer is not only temporal but eternally beneficial.
    Amen: means so be it.

    What do we do after we prayed?

    We wait and continue to praise Him, just keep thanking Him for the best result, which will come about for us and most likely everyone else. Even though God loves others, He will prefer us, who incline our ear and hearts to Him. Leave it up to God. That is it!

    How can we tell we committed all to Jesus and leave it there?

    It is like with the loaf and the fish (Mark 8). The disciples had to bring the bread to Jesus. It was not like: sit down, help yourself and eat.

    No, Jesus held the bread in his hands, blessed each piece and broke it. So if we give each one of our plans, problems, ideas,…. whatever to Jesus and He fashions it to His glory, it might be remodeled, broken, shifted, reconfigured. If we are not okay with that, then we have not given it over to Him and are still holding on. He can’t work, if the matter is not in His hands and still in ours. God will never overrule our will but patiently waits for us to surrender and be guided in patience and love.

    Why does God to ask us to pray this way?

    Prayer is the only way things get done here in this fallen world. True, at times God has us follow our prayer with action, but it is the prayer that enables us with power to do exactly the action God wants us to use. God doesn’t need our human fumbling goodness of deeds, religiosity or our pillars of religion to get anything done. NO, He delights in when we are doing His work, His way on His terms in this earth and THEN our deeds will have earthly success and eternal results.

    Keep talking to God, friend, in Jesus righteousness
    until you see Him face to face.

    Let me know, if you need prayer or if I can help you in any way.