• What is truth?

    Are you sincere about life and happiness? That is very good. There is a possibility you might be sincerely wrong that what you believe makes you happy. You might base the life you know on wrong beliefs. You emotions might decide for you and they change very rapidly in the course of the day.

    That is why it is so important to not only believe the TRUTH, but also live by it.

    I am not talking about A truth BUT  the absolute truth!

    Before we dig deep, let’s define truth, so we all are on the same page:

    Noah Webster dictionary defines truth as: Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be.  In truth, in reality, in fact. He also says it is correct opinion ( Noah Webster knew God’s opinion and that was his premises).

    Truth is synonymous with integrity, honesty, factuality and logic.

    The absence or opposite of truth is: Lies, falsehood, deceit and possibly delusion.

    You can research the meaning of the word yourself in modern dictionaries and will come up with very similar definitions.

    What does truth do for us?

    Truth is a perfectly reliable standard to follow. Reality is synonymous with truth: Truth is reality in action, which in turn is the solid foundation we can base our beliefs and standards on and live by. Truth in action verifies and validates history and nature. Truth gives us a world with order, where things make sense.

    Why is truth so important? Why should you care? Answer: There is so much hurt in the world. People struggle to be fulfilled and happy. They flounder back and forth about right and wrong. They second guess every action, reaction and decision. Life and your eternity depend on what you believe the truth to be.

    What is the foundation of your life? Everything has a beginning, a starting point. How you start something and build further upon that start will determine the outcome.

    If you take a journey, and I am sure we can agree life is a journey with many stages, you have a starting point and what route you take determine where, when, how and if you arrive.

    So is that starting point/ foundation? Is it tradition? or religion? or feeling? or experience? or is absolute truth?

    To have meaning in life each of us has to find out:

    Who am I?

    Why do I exist?

    Who made me?

    What am I to do with my life?

    How did I get to be me?

    Will I be held accountable for my behavior?

    Where would I like to be 10 years from now?

    Analyzing those questions will lead you possibly into the truth about yourself.

    Truth is not something you can acquire by experience, wisdom, knowledge, manipulation or understanding. It is an every present fact of reality

    Truth exists apart from us and does not depend on us or the outcome of our decision (God gave us freewill to make our decisions). Truth comes from the creator of the truth, who is absolute truth in His essence. God determines right and wrong, true or false. Without truth, there would be nothing but chaos, confusion and despair. That is why God base His creation on universal truth, universal science and universal laws.

    Truth is the only reasonable standard to follow.

    If you agree with this you can become born again right now and start following truth:


    You might say:

    “I do not believe there is a god”.

    “How awful to be so narrow-minded.”

    “I don’t see things black and white”.

    “My truth is not necessarily your truth.”

    “I am my own judge, have my right and wrong, am entitled to my opinion and lead my own life by my own standards.”

    What are you saying? Your reality is different from mine? Are you saying you are your own god? If that was true, I want to follow your truth: Because then I can decide my own truth also and that I do right now. I want it to be true that I am a millionaire and a beauty queen. I want to be loved and accepted by everyone who meets me. I would enjoy my truth, but the reality is painfully different: Reality is what it IS, regardless of what I decide or believe.

    You have to admit consequences or appearances are not necessarily an indicator of truth. Our lives can take turns, with which we are not in agreement with. Happenings can get beyond our control. Same thing with our believes: What we believed 10 years ago is most likely not the same as we believe after we studied, experienced and gain insights. That’s just life: It progresses.

    There are people, who believe truth is very limiting. It is bondage, cramps their style. They resent any limitations on their own beliefs of what truth is. All these rules and regulations of the Bible! Pewehhhou! That is why they speak out against God.

    The reality is: Truth gives us a world with order. It sets us free to securely live with each other in a real world that makes “sense” for the most part. It defines what is good, acceptable, of value OR on the other hand evil, destructive and wicked.

    Most people, who consider themselves tolerant and loving have this opinion of truth:

    “Whatever it floats your boat!”

    In other words, if it works for you, it must be true for you.

    There is a problem with that opinion: We are called to love one another, care about our fellow human and our environment. It is NOT loving to be ignorant and careless. “What floats the boat” is mostly wrong and will have hurtful consequences.

    Believing or faith also does not lead to the truth.

    No religion is true, because it all is man-made. Religion or believe can only lead to denial. According to religion, how many truths are out there? What is right for a Muslim is not necessarily right for a Buddhist or a Hindu, though a Catholic might agree. Religious people look at creeds, traditions and their called perfect holy books someone wrote and it “seems” right to them. Yet often it is far from the truth God, our creator, instituted when He made the world.

    I for myself reject any bossy god: God, our creator, is not a vengeful God. He does not crack the whip every time you do something that is not according to His will. He is a loving father. He is long suffering and patient (1 Peter 2:20), gently waiting for you to be ready to receive instructions of truth, so you can get out of indifference, gain understanding und live victoriously. THAT is God;s desire! Most people have to bang their head a few times before they get smart enough to receive godly direction.

    What is right or wrong? Why bother to make a decision about right or wrong?

    We live in this world God created good, but corruption/ evil is now present because of the fall of humanity explained in the book of Genesis.

    Here is an example: If I really need something and I take it without permission, it is called stealing in God’s true value system.

    Let’s compare that with the human’s value system: If I need something and you don’t need the same something you own, it should be okay that I steal it from you. That should be okay with you, since you are not using it and I need it to do something with it. To take it, might be minimal, if I need a pushpin, but I don’t think it goes over well with a car.

    You see, it does not matter what you believe, the name you give an action (taking or stealing) or what your reasons are. It only matters what God’s opinion is, what HE calls it, how HE judges.

    The reason there are so many different religions, because people want to distort and manipulate reality (Truth) for their own purposes, self interest and gain. Are there any religions that are true? No, because all religion is based on a human version, value system, invention or revelation. People invent a god, which fits their needs.

    If people search for the truth, they will find it( Deuteronomy 4:29, Jeremiah 29:13 and many other places). God is truth and the only source of truth. God IS. He says He is the “I AM”( The Torah is full of “I AM” referencing, so are the Gospels, especially John). Present tense. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and does not change, according to the Bible (Hebrews 13:8). God is NOT a variable. He is foundation to all that exists.

    Since He will not change, I guess it is obvious, that we must change, else be lost, maimed, deceived or otherwise messed up. It is all a matter of the choice we make. God allows us to choose in His infinite wisdom and mercy. If that would not be so, God would dictate us our choices. He would have a mighty unhappy bunch of people on His hands, but definitely not friends and followers as He has now.

    Or His followers would be fearful of his wrath and dogma.  Who wants to follow a dictator or socialist? God reveals Himself to all people, who seek Him and truly want to find Him for His sake, not to save their own butt from hell. He delights to fellowship with His people (1 John 1:3).

    Some people insist, we all are God’s children. Not so! We are all created in God’s image, yes, but that does not make us children of God. John 1:12 says: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name!

    Yes, God loves all people and likes for all of us to follow Him, but most people think, they are too smart to believe  “all that stuff” in the Bible or are too contemporary to deal with an old God or have many other excuses. If these folks really would search within themselves and truly come to terms with their life, they will find their prime motive is pure selfishness. That is why they would not want to follow God’s ways. Different people have different excuses.

    If we want a better world, we have to lay down our lives, inspiration, aspirations and allow God to be supreme, because we ourselves cannot bring goodness, healing and happiness to a cursed, fallen, degenerated, hurting world ourselves alone: We are not omnipresent, not equipped with sufficient resources, but God is.

    If each person in this world would follow the same truth (God), we would have world peace, no more hunger and no more wars. Solutions to live in harmony are provided in the Word of God, but people think they are too cool, sophisticated, intelligent, devoted and educated to read their Bible.

    I pray, you will be part of the solution and not part of the world’s problem. I pray you fill yourself with truth to make this world a better place.

    If you know, what God wants you to do, it is okay, if people judge you, criticize you or ridicule you. You did not come to this earth to please people, get rich and famous, but to glorify God. People either have to get right with God or are left. No compromises on God’s part, because He cannot change! It is against His nature.

    One more personal note: What I documented here is all found in the Bible, however, not in all sentences I wrote the references in the text, so the concepts were better understood in plain English. I absolutely hate it when Christians take one verse out of the Bible and make it say whatever floats their boat ( kind of like the news media takes 1 hour interview and cuts whatever the person said and air what they like and fits their scheme of things). We are called by God to follow the WHOLE counsel of the word ( Acts 20:27, 2 Timothy 4:2and others), not pick an choose.

    Let me know what you thinktruth

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