• When we create………….How easily you get intimidated?

    images-1Confession time!

    When I first got the idea about showing my grandchildren that it is possible to make something out of nothing, I was full of enthusiasm, ideas, innovation and DRIVE. Oh man I was all set to knock ‘em dead! After all, I have experience in business, know how to use my resources, am very fast at creating and God is on my side, since He is saying that we have His support in doing any good thing.

    I determined crochet is what is more versatile and worthwhile to pursue. I crochet and knitted all my life and many of my creation people found appealing and gave me compliments on it.

    So nothing to it. I can do it!

    And then I opened an Etsy store and started to look around finding all kinds of neat stuff. But not only was I finding great art: As I was looking around at all that talent, I kind of was looking at myself and my talents. Dang, I am not at all as good as THEY are. They really have it together and look they have oodles of sales, they have awesome color combination, so unusual stitches and such a wide selection. The owners have personality, class and are absolutely marvelous at what they do! And then there is puny little me………..

    I told the Lord, that was NOT a good idea to put myself out there like that, especially since I have no earthly support, encouragement and someone physically to cheer me on, hold me accountable or help me to make it work.

    Booo Booo, poor me.   Ok, let’s forget this whole thing, because I will never be as good as them.


    But wait a minute! I do have something to contribute, if God calls me to do this!

    I do not HAVE to prove, I am good, capable and terrific! All I have to do is be obedient to my calling and true to myself!

    I HAVE to contribute something that NObody else can and that is my personal self, my taste, my creativity, my heart. That is LOVE, when you share.

    Yes, we face rejection, oh yes, I experienced people stealing my patterns right away. I got feedback from a woman, who was bound and determined to close me down immediately. I heard people say stuff like: She doesn’t have any selection. Is that all she can do? Internet customers…… I have no idea what they are thinking, because most of them never say one way or the other, though I put out polls, tried to make contact: Nothing!


    Listen: We HAVE to contribute, create and make people happy. You have something to GIVE, when you create something from your heart to your customer. If you do not create  something you like, people miss the opportunity to be blessed and touched by you. That is very IMPORTANT. Just think if nobody ever would try anything?!? NOTHING would get done! Nothing would get designed! Nothing would get invented!images-1

    So this is what I like to do: Set a goal, like make one thing a week. Get a cheer group to show it to and you will be surprised how much it will help you to produce something really beautiful! Many times when I made something, especially when I was painting for a living, I was less than thrilled with what I made. Mostly because that’s when I started, I visualized it to be different. The rubber met the road if it was ugly or not, if it sold. If someone bought it, it must be something worthwhile. So HOW can you KNOW if your creation is any good, if you do not offer it to the market? You CAN’T. And if it doesn’t sell, then it might not be that nobody likes it, but that it is not marketed properly. So strengthen your resolve and keep on keeping on!

    And know this: GOD will always cheer you on. Sing praise music, because God inhabits the praises of His people:


    Now this is what I like to do:  I like to feature different Etsy shops, blogs and websites on my blog. Even if you made only ONE item, I like to feature it and put it out here, so all can see. You get exposure and we can network together. Use the contact form below and do not be shy to show the world how awesome you are!

    Another thing to consider: THEM, is not you! Not all people have all talent. Some are only talented in one or two aspects of an art. NONE of us is good at everything. Sure, when we look all that talent, we think we do not measure up. BUT if we are only good at ONE thing, that is totally enough! Ford builds only one car, Edison invented only ONE light bulb, Bell only one telephone and it was kind of cranky. Yeah, what if they never continued after their first attempt? Exactly and that is where you are: At the beginning of something beautiful!


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