• When we create…….

    You know why creating something is so wonderful awesome???

    In creating we draw on our IMAGINATION and not from our memory. We create things BY FAITH, not that we already have obtained, but we are looking FORWARD for the thing to come….the finished project.

    EXACTLY that is what makes creating, in my case right now crocheting, exciting.

    Even if our creation does not turn out exactly as we envisioned it, we are STILL better of than when we ho-humming in our memories.


    Creating energizes us, invigorates and we have something to look forward to.

    Here are the ingredients you need to create :

    1. Imagination, ideas,

    2. determination, drive to carry it out,

    3. reinvention of time, because you WILL find time to make it come about

    4. matter, material, supplies

    and you are in business!

    It all just flows out of you. (In my case it drizzles, since I write patterns down while I am creating — much longer process)

    Would you like to know the driving force about creating? You want to see WHY we are so creative: We have a creator, who created us in HIS image. He made us like Himself in body , soul and spirit: The body makes the actual product, the soul designs , contemplates and figures out, the spirit initiates the original idea.

    Our creator provided the MATTER/MATERIAL for us to use. The Bible say without HIM, we can do nothing and that is exactly right. Only HE can create some thing from nothing, we ALWAYS need raw materials.

    In making, creating, manufacturing  something we are VERY close to God and are DOING exactly what He does best: creating …. making more people…. making problems go away…. making a way where there is no way……

    He is CONSTANTLY making and it gives Him joy the same way it gives us joy, when we KNOW what God is up to in our lives. That is called having a relationship with HIM. He lets us know what to do when, if we read our Bible.


    God loves team work and I am soooooo glad Jesus is on my team.

    You say: “That’s crazy!”. You are right, I think so too, but never the less it is true and the concept of creation is confirmed in nature and in the Bible.

    Happy creating to you! It will make you awesome!
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