• Question: What to do when working with many colors?

    Do the colors confuse you as you work your patterns?  

    When I work with lots of colored thread/yarn, one  great help to me is  to write the color code of the pattern on the skein label. If I do not have a skein label, I make my own label with tape and copy paper, write the color code on it and stick it on the yarn.

    For easy reference, I write on a piece of paper the color and the code. Sometimes colors are very close. Then I snip a piece  of thread/yarn, tape it to the paper and write the code next to it and also label the skein accordingly.

    Various teapots or a special yarn holder made from any material is keeping the colors separated very nice while we work. Look at The Fat Cat Crochet Corner blog how simply awesome she solved the problem:


    Fat Cat Crochet Corner

    Fat Cat Crochet Corner

    Being organized is the key to a beautiful, colorful project.


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