• Who am I

    We live an a world full of conflicting messages. One day we are happy and fulfilled the next day we doubt and despair.
    I am not much of a writer, but I am an encourager, prayer partner and love to help people carry their load to the throne of grace.
    God is my source and strength and it would be my pleasure to help you overcome as we seek God’s solution to your issues.
    Let me tell you al little about me:

    My name is
    Beate. Pronounced Bay-ott-tay, it means “the happy one.”
    I grew up in Germany, where I was raised atheist. It was truly a blessing to never get indoctrinated into religion, so that when I “met” God I had no idea about Christian, Muslim or any other religious beliefs. God had mercy on me as I was – a sinner: imperfect and flawed; hurting and hurtful; wicked on the inside, pretending on the outside. When I was ready to acknowledge what is written in John 14:6, that God is real (God is the Truth),
    to accept that God’s plan is better than mine (God is the Life)
    and to follow His leading (God is the Way), Jesus came into my life and started to make all things new as 2 Corinthians 5:17 says.


    In the first weeks of seeking God all I could ever ask of Him was: “Help me. Guide me. Open my eyes. Teach me. Renew me…” And He did.
    My situation did not change outwardly immediately, but I (me) was the one changing and with God’s guidance becoming victorious OVER my situation, in spite of my situation and I could live up to my name: the happy one.

    How did God do that for me?

    I surrendered my human will to God’s divine will and followed HIS plan for salvation.
    You see, when God created the earth, He did a great job and all was good (look at Genesis 1). Then Adam, the first human proto type, decided to disobey God and with his disobedience sin (hurt, short coming of holiness, imperfection), came into this world. Before Adam’s disobedience humans only knew good, but now everyone knows evil.
    God is very holy and perfect. Touching our human sin would contaminate His holiness. That is why God had to separate Himself from sinful humans and why my loving God is not found in this wicked world in which we live. Yes, we still can see glimpses of God’s beautiful creation, and sometimes enjoy His original plan for family life, creativity, and happiness. Nevertheless the separation from God through human sin remains PERMANENT.

    Until we follow God’s plan of redemption and RECONNECTION by OUR choice (believe/faith) to Most Holy God, God WILL NOT help us. God gives US the CHOICE to believe that God is real, or we follow gods that are NO gods at all, or our preferences or a false, impotent religious god. That is what God calls idolatry, since God’s first commandment is: Thou shalt not have any other gods before ME.
    God will be found by those who SEEK HIM, not religion, personal preferences, idols, power, money, prestige……..

    Now the question is:
    What is the REAL God’s plan for YOU?

    God wants you to have a wonderful life, to walk with Him and talk with Him, and to have a REAL relationship with Him. Since we are separated from God, He made provision for us to exchange us from the curse of sin and death. Did you notice: 100% of all humans die, because the wages of sin is death (Roman 6:23). We CANNOT save ourselves. That is why God became a human and walked on this earth as Jesus of Nazareth.”Christ, the Savior was born.” Savior from what? Despair! Wickedness! Hatred! Sin, which causes death!
    Jesus lived just like we do, very human, except that He never sinned. He laid down His life (nobody actually could killed Him) and died on the cross. Because He never hurt anyone, was perfect, totally holy as human, He could not stay dead, but became alive again ( at Passover= pass over death).
    Same as one man, Adam, brought death to all humans, so Jesus brought a possibility of redemption 1 Corinthians 15:22-45. The only way Jesus could have lived sinless for 33 years is: He was deity, since ONLY God could live like that, since ALL humans have sinned and fall short of God’s perfection.
    This very God tells us that we need (MUST) be “born again” in John 3:3.
    How do we do that? By surrendering our born of water existence to God (physical birth by our mothers , water breaks).
    The first thing we do is to acknowledge to God that we are not holy, righteous and perfect as He is. We surrender our will to God. In other words, follow Jesus’ example and lay down our life. Like Jesus died on the cross, we die to our ambitions, plans, and desires and allow God to live THROUGH us. We let GOD fulfill our plans, desires and ambitions. Second, we ask God’s forgiveness for our sins. At that point God gives us a clean heart, comes into our lives and guides us to an eternal future with Himself.

    The choice is yours: Would you like to love God and put Him first in your life? Would you like to invite God to live through you and give you a brand new start? Jesus makes all things new (Rev: 21: 5).
    God is not going to change, so WE humans HAVE to.

    If you are ready to trust God to give you hope and true and happy life right now, have Him to be the Lord/Master of your life, then talk to God like this:
    “Heavenly Father, I come before You in the Name of Jesus and admit to You: I am a sinner, unholy and undeserving. I ask You to forgive me of my sin and come into my life as I acknowledge that You died for me on the cross, so I can be exchanged from the life I now live and be reconciled to You. From now on I will SEEK Your perfect will for my life and commit my ways to Your care. Thank you for making me Your child, as I promise to follow Jesus example. I understand the Bible is Your Holy Word and that You will help me to read it and apply it all the days of my life. In Jesus Name! Amen.”

    I prayed this 34 years ago and never regretted it.

    God says that you have to confess what you did before others (Matthew 10:32, Philippians 2:11), so please do that as the first step of obedience and let me know what you did.

    I will always be glad to help you with anything you need and answer questions you might have.

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