• Why I LOVE doilies and you would too, if you KNEW…..

    Doilies are versatile, romantic and pretty, but they make beautiful personal gifts, which set the receiver in a mind frame of awe, nostalgia and at least for a moment out of the rat race of our time.

    Lately I make all my doilies with beads, just because I love pretties and unusualness. Look what you can do with doilies! You technically could make all these things with ONE doily pattern!


    These are all made from the same pattern:   AND…….. that is not all! You can use them as basket liners, furniture protectors (like in the back of a lazy boy, so you can wash they hair muck quickly), appliques on clothing, in flower arrangements, door decoration, party favors,  pincushions and many, many other uses.The sky is the limit!

    There are oodles on Etsy also:

    Here is a lady in Bulgaria, who sell them already made very reasonably priced: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaniaNeedleArt


    some from Italy:


    It doesn’t even take very long to make a doily once you are familiar with a pattern. If you are  a novice I do NOT encourage you to make up your own pattern, because I learned the hard way, how dumb a waste of time that is. They do not ‘fall” properly and you have either too little material ( that is how I came up with the candy basket) or you have “waves” galore, or you noticed as you spread it, that the design looks “weird”, like has too big of a hole, puckers or “feathers” in the wrong place.


    I have made many doilies and practiced much, but I have not listed all of my designs yet. Here is where I wrote some about the history of doilies: http://patternstriedandtrue.org/history-of-doilies

    There more articles on my website on finishing techniques which are helpful and informative especially for doilies. Just type in the search bar what you would like to know and see what comes up.  If I have not written about it, maybe you can contact me with the question you have on the contact button.

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