• Why learn to Crochet?

    Is crochet a dying art, or a thing that only grannies do while sitting in their rockers? Absolutely not! I’ve passed my love of crochet down to my daughter, and hopefully down to my granddaughters one day.

    Why crochet is the best hobby there is

    1.You can make things exactly the way you like them. Use your favorite colors or splurge on that super soft, hand dyed merino wool. Customization options are endless. In a world of mass produced items, hand made stand out as special.Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.21.15 PM

    2. It is a way to express individuality and creativity. You don’t HAVE to wear things like others who buy from department stores. (I still remember shopping for a dress for my daughter. Disgusting to have 50 dresses all the same in different sizes in chain stores!!!! What if they all go to the same school district????? The whole school dance with all girls wearing the same dress? How original is that?

    3. You can make income from crocheting items for others, who have 2 left thumbs or have no time to learn a new skill.

    4. You make your own toys, create your own environment with stuff you make. The sky is the limit with crochet you can crochet pillows, rocks, picture frames…… whatever you like to make. You can even crochet your old clothes into new ones.


    BUT and here is the big BUT: You have to START learning how to do it. It is not hard and the more you practice the better you get. I know a 13-year old girl on Etsy, who sells her creation of stuffed animals. I know an 11-year-old, who makes hair-bands on Etsy and sells them. She started to make them for her classmates and now has a good business going.

    I also know of a 8-year-old who crochets all her throw pillows in her room, she also makes doll house furniture.

    They all do it while they watch TV, because once you know how the stitches go together it is not that hard. Star with something simple, like a pencil pouch or a money purse. Next thing you know you make your custom book bag, your ear warmers, and cloches. All is possible with determination and diligence. Not bad traits to have in American culture.
    Most of all: Have REAL CREATIVE fun

    Check out my easy to follow very descriptive crochet patterns: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Patternstriedandtrue

    Let me know what you think and what you would like to learn: beatesmock@gmail.com

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